Saturday 13 February 2010

"The Parable of the Lost Teaspoon" Part 2.........Gracie joins the search!

Dear All
A short and quick blog this Saturday morning.  I just HAD to let you know that Gracie was so keen to look for the lost teaspoon too!  She is a lovely doll and with all those 14 joints her involvement was a MUST!

Here she is (as above) together with Miss Enid and Esther who has also come over to see what all the fuss is about.....

I love the close up of our dear Gracie here as she tries to see if the teaspoon has disappeared down one of the pedals.  Shame she can't see HOW close she is to it isn't it?

I feel that I have now virtually worked out my storyline for my "modern day parable" about the lost teaspoon.  I really love the idea of having as many of my "children" as possible hunting for the said teaspoon.  You see..........poor Miss Enid suffers very bad arthritis in her knees particularly so she can't kneel down to hunt for her much treasured lost teaspoon.  So all the children want to help her!

I quite like this photo! (as above)  Gracie was NOT meant to be posed like this at all.  It was a complete accident! I had her sitting reasonably sedately on the floor but wanted her face to be more visible for the camera. That is the joy of working with a 14 jointed doll from Jane Davies! 
I promise you all that I DO have a pertinent moral to my story but you will have to wait until I publish the new storyline!  Sufficient to say I am very pleased with it.

It is most fitting that Gracie wanted to help find the teaspoon.  She must have KNOWN that she has a small mention in the March 2010 edition of The Dollshouse Magazine when Christiane, the editor, chatted to me at the magazine stall at the last Miniatura Show.  Christiane has reviewed the show which was held at the Birmingham NEC last September (how time flies - seems like yesterday!) and in her review she mentions my acquistion of young Grace and also her tambourine.  I remember the chats so well even today.  How excited I was when I saw Grace on Jane Davies' stall on the Saturday.  I just HAD to have her. 
As soon as I picked her up I went to show Christiane who was entranced by her.  I felt drawn to this tambourine we had seen on Chris Sturgess-Lief's stall.  I HAD to go back to his stall and buy the said tambourine for my new "kid on the block" ie "Grace". 
I went back to show Christiane the tambourine for Grace straight away!  So if you happen to pick up "The Dollshouse Magazine" you can check her Miniatura Show review out and see what she said about me and also what she loves to call Grace too.

I am sure those of you who have been following my blog for the last few months will remember this photo .........but I just wanted to show it off again (as above) Grace and her tambourine..................

I best get along now..............must gather as many "children" as I can to find that wretched teaspoon.....................
Till the next time.
PS:  The Parable of the Lost Teaspoon is now on line for you all to see........hope you like it........

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