Monday, 24 August 2009

And more ideas for St. Hils..........even for Christmas!

Hiya Folks!

Well - I have to confess I have decided to skip a bit further ahead beyond Harvest but have no fear - it WILL be done and Harvest will happen in St Hils this year!

However I have been very busy working out how to run our Advent Calendar this year. I began it as a new venture last year and am keen to keep it up this year as we had a great response from many people and the calendar was even linked to from a website in the Netherlands too!

So with this encouragement we felt it HAD to be done again this year.

And so our theme is very different from last year but you will have to visit us on the 1st December to find out what it is! However to give you a taster you can see Miss Enid (at the top here!) wearing her lovely warm Winter hat for the first she will appear on one of the days of our Advent Calendar....

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