Friday, 19 March 2010

A little more on Palm Sunday to come with an interesting egg hunt twist for Easter..

Hiya Everyone!
I can't believe a week has almost passed since my last St. Hils' blog.
I have to thank Dollmum for her advice when it comes to making palm crosses because she suggested we soaked the palms first before the children made them up.  So there I was this afternoon soaking my "mini-strips" of palm leaves cut from the full size variety ie a pair of old palm crosses given out to Andrew and myself some time ago now as I mentioned in a previous blog. I even found a website with instructions how to make up palm crosses but have to confess I was not entirely successful in my attempt but at least I got enough idea in order to set up a few photoshoots which suggest I DO know how to make them............well almost......

The picture above has history!  As those who have read a previous blog will know, I have decided that Aunt Sal's Tearooms is an ideal venue for the children to learn to make palm crosses.

I was initially really set on having our Gracie standing up as Ambrose shows her how to make a palm cross.  However, for some reason, her 14 joints just defeated me because IF I managed to have her in a standing position I would pose her and as soon as the camera was ready I noticed the "ping" and she was on the floor as one of her knee joints buckled......arghhhhhhhhh.

So after more than a few attempts which, when upstairs in the bedroom where the dollshouse is, I have to use the ironing board as my props storage place as well as working area, I gave up and decided that Gracie was too tired to stand up so she was put on a chair instead.  However you would think having Grace sitting on a chair would be easier.........well yes it IS...............up to a degree. I tell you she is pretty clever when it comes to falling over EVEN when sitting on a chair.  My only way in the end was to remove the hand made matching seat cushion which I made for the chair.

I then thought that Tom would like to find out how to make a palm cross too so would you believe it but I took quite a few photos of him only to realise that his trousers were starting to fall down!  That is one of the worst problems.

I also had trouble because Sepp the rat had fallen over too and again I had failed to notice and carried on taking photos blithely unaware of my faux pas.  Apologies here as Sepp had not only almost fallen over but she is quite blurred too!

I rather love this photo with Prince because he also fancies having a go making a palm cross.  I am sure that he has already taken everything in when Ambrose was showing Grace!

I have mentally been moving on to Easter because, as you all have probably gathered by now, I am always in the process of forward planning with St. Hilary's and this year I quite fancied another Easter egg hunt.  I have to apologise though because I quite fancied using Aunt Sal's Tearooms again for all or some of the egg hunt.

I was having fun discussing this matter with a work friend this morning and, together, we had quite a laugh and I will try to explain why.  I started the ball rolling with the idea that Esme may have been laying some eggs because she was a little broody.  However I then realised that there was NO WAY that we could have any of those eggs used in such a thing as an egg hunt because we all know what happens to eggs that are found on Easter egg hunts don't we?  I would be hurting Esme's feelings quite badly if I say any more on that one.  So we moved on to the idea that Esme joins in the egg hunt in her own very special and unique way.  My story has started to evolve and it involves Esme missing the lovely times in the past when she was able to relax whilst brooding her eggs and then chicks when they hatched.  It was a great time because she could sit for hours in peace and quiet because she always chose a really quiet spot to build her nest where the noisy geese, moorhens and coots never frequented.
So this Easter she decides to join in the Easter egg hunt and you can see how in the photo below.......

 See here above how careful she is not to sit on the eggs too hard...................she doesn't want them to melt before the children find her with them does she? Of course it IS lovely and quiet sitting on some little Easter eggs in a basket under one of the teashop tables!   Shame Priscilla Jane has found her so quickly isn't it......?
Sadly as you can see she has had to accept her plastecine beak as permanent after we had to, in the name of tidyness, vacuum up the area where the broken bit of her beak most probably had fallen and we failed to find it.
I took all the photos here using the macro lens and flash on our Ixus 980.  The photo with Priscilla Jane is actually a cropped version and I will explain why.  I attempted close up photos and ones using the 3x zoom but, with the action of the flash, the background was too dark and unrealistic.  So a distance photo in good focus and then cropped seemed my best way forward here.  I am sure you will agree.....

Now I have not yet decided whether Esme will appear as above in the egg hunt on our Easter Day page.  I may recreate the scene under the altar instead................because that may be, in reality, a more peaceful environment for Esme to sit any kind of eggs if that is her mood............You will simply have to come back soon to find out what I choose to do on the day.................

Till the next time.....
PS:  Sorry to include a close up of Prince as below with his very own palm leaf but he is such a photogenic dog it has to be done...........................but don't let him know that will you?

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