Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Day IS here after at least one faux pas.....

Dear Everyone
I am afraid I have been a bit remiss keeping this blog up to date but hope you will all fogive me as I have been rather unwell over the last week - very unlike me!  So please forgive the fact that my new Easter story is shorter than usual as is this blog as my energy levels are not yet back to full strength.

Despite my low energy levels (and nasty cough - darned Winter colds!) however, those that know me will understand it takes a lot for me to be beaten and so, I have ensured that St. Hils has not lost out this Easter and hope that you enjoy or have enjoyed my new storyline on our Easter Day page.

As per usual NOTHING went quite smoothly!  You may all remember in a previous blog that Esme decides to join in the egg hunt in her own way by "sitting" on some chocolate Easter eggs!  I was a tad dozy though and Andrew had to remind me that the Paschal candle is a rather integral part of Easter Day as it represents Jesus, the Light of the World, between Easter Day when He rose from the dead and up to Ascension Day when he ascended into heaven.  Arghhhhh........I thought!  Good job Andrew reminded me so I had to have a little think about who should be responsible for lighting the candle this year in St. Hils.    I seem to remember Ambrose lit the candle last year so decided Alice should have a turn this year.

Picture the scene...........muggins finally manage with the wonders of tacky wax to stick the said candle lighter/snuffer into Alice's hand and raise her arm up and bingo........YES......her arm DOES reach perfectly.  However you will all understand that she is only practising because, after all, we can't afford a REAL lit candle in St. Hils however lovely it may look. 

I took loads of photos of Alice in this pose having also gathered some Easter eggs around the base of the pulpit.  You see Adele brings some to church because she wants the vicar to find children in the village who would otherwise not have one this Easter which is rather kind of her don't you think?

Can you see my faux pas IS rather obvious isn't it?  You may agree with you but sadly I failed to spot this rather bad faux pas until the photos were downloaded on to the computer upstairs....  Ben and one or two other dolls were lying on the floor in the chancel.  I had left them like that thinking daftly that they would not show in the photo....or rather perhaps NOT thinking at all!  You would think that, after the years of photoshoots in St. Hils I would now know better but apparently not!

I hope you like our new addition to the family of St. Hils............Gloria!  She was made by Aidan Campbell and I just had to have her when we visited Aidan's stall at the recent Miniatura Dollshouse Show. (Just got my cockatiel, Pebbles, on my shoulder for a short time as he "touches base" with me when I am at the computer - what a lovely little companion he is even if he CAN be quite a problem when he gets in the way of my photo shoots as he sadly did yesterday!) 

Many thanks to Aidan for Gloria and a particular thank you to his wife for naming her too!  My idea here is........Gloria is an auntie to Esme who decides to come and visit and, in the process, she becomes friendly with widower, Eric and wants to keep him company.  We shall just have to see how the friendship progresses I guess and see where it goes...........

Thought I would leave you with Eric, as above, in dapper style, offering a lily to Miss find out what she does with the lily you will have to visit our Easter page....................

Till the next time.......

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