Saturday, 27 February 2010

Mothering Sunday Saga now complete........with a little bit of tacky wax magic.........well of course!

Priscilla Jane looks pensively at the broken off leaf....she is SO disappointed after she and Adele had taken such care to grow this daffodil for Miss Enid.........

Hiya Everyone!
Firstly - I just want to thank all of you who are following my blog.............your support is great to receive!

As you have probably gathered I have finally completed our Mothering Sunday page.....DO visit it and see what you think! 

I actually finished the photograph work this morning.  Things worked pretty well because I have the dollshouse upstairs which has our  "Aunt Sal's Tearooms" whilst our church is actually in our living room and sits along the full length patio windows at the back of the house facing the garden.  Home ownership is great most of the time but when something goes wrong as it did the other day when our immersion heater tripped one of our electricity circuits it meant we were without hot water until the element was replaced.  So it was just as well that I had finished my photoshoot in our dollshouse upstairs in one of our spare bedrooms because, this morning, our electrician was working up there as he replaced the element.

This gave me a great opportunity to complete my photoshoot in the church downstairs.  NO time is wasted in our house as you have probably gathered and today was no exception.  So whilst our electrician and his colleague worked upstairs there was I kneeling on the floor with daylight bulb holder in one hand whilst I controlled the camera on tripod with the other one! 

I wanted to provide some photos that would both serve as good Mothering Sunday/Mother's Day cards whilst also adding to my new storyline.  You can see my new selection of four cards on our Downloads page....hope you all like them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
However as wth all things St. Hils things never go quite smoothly although thankfully nothing was lost today............phew for that!  I do feel that Priscilla Jane's dress looks like it could do with a wash.........but trouble is................the dress will not come off so any cleaning would have to be "in situ".  Ummmmmm.........I think I won't worry about that now. I am sure a story will always explain.....

I particularly wanted to use one of my "accidents" again and so it was fun to bring out the one slightly broken potted daffodil my sister of Dollshouse Heaven had made for me a couple or more years ago now.  On the very first occasion of its' use I managed to sever one of the three leaves.........booooooooooooooo.  As you can see in the picture above Adele fell over just as I was trying to take the photograph.

You can see here by my hand how small the dolls is easy to forget.  I was touched when the colleague of our electrician commented on the high amount of detail in our church and he was standing quite a distance away.  Hooray for tacky wax that is what I say!  You won't be surprised to know that Adele had a re-application done to her feet immediately after this latest faux pas.  WHY do my dolls have an innate knowledge of exactly WHEN to fall over.........JUST as my finger presses that camera button.........grrrrrrrrrrr

I took a photo (as above) using the manual setting on my Ixus 980 where I used no flash or daylight bulb. All I did was allow a very long shutter speed (calculated by the camera NOT me!) and the photo you see is the result. I do love the effect don't you?   However as always I never include these photos on the website as they may appear too dark on some people's monitors and it is always my intention to make our St. Hils' site as accessible as possible.
 I am always open to changing my mind here though so if any of you out there love these natural light photos as much as I do let me know and I may well include one or two in the future on the website itself. I am most interested to know how the above photo does look on other people's screens.

I have to tell you that it was "fun" this morning running up and down stairs as I collected my precious doll collection from the ironing board and dollshouse in order to place them safely back in the church downstairs.  NEVER am I so careful walking down the stairs as when I am holding such precious cargo in my hands. 

I guess a move to a bigger house is the only answer here..................but something tells me that is probably never going to happen is a full time job keeping THIS one in working order.............(we may have to get a new digital timer for our immersion as the electrician had quite a job getting it to work again once the new element was fitted..........oh well.......................such is life.........another job to be paid for in the future)

On that note I will leave you..........time for a relax and hot milky drink and watch a funny DVD........
Till the next time
PS I leave you with a close up of our Adele holding up the potted daffodil.......minus of of its' three leaves!

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