Saturday, 6 February 2010

Of Birthday gains........but a few strange losses......or more accurately.......misplaced or dropped but NOW found - read my PS!

Hiya Everyone
I am back rather quicker than expected here!  However those who know me will realise it was my birthday today and my sister Catherine of Dollshouse Heaven was going to come around with some birthday goodies for me......ALL for St. Hils and co of course.  She didn't have to TELL me that was the case but I had a rather heavy clue handed to me this morning whilst visiting Dolls Domain, our dollshouse shop a few miles away.  You see I rather fancied buying some quality copper pots and pans etc to place on the aga in our Aunt Sal's Teas Shop and Catherine, my sister, had tipped me off that Dolls Domain had some lovely copperware which would be perfect for Aunt Sal's Teas. 

This morning, therefore, we were off to visit Dolls Domain in Leamington Spa but unfortunately had to make a wee detour to the NHS Walk In Centre courtesy of husband, Andrew's sore and swollen gum.  You will be pleased to know he was given some antibiotic cover to see him through til he books an emergency dentist on Monday morning. 

However I digress as per usual but guess you all realise now that most blogs of mine are prone to straying off piste and on to something else because I sadly type as I think.......................and my mind is prone to the odd wander.

Picture this!  There I was perusing the dollshouse accessories in the display cabinets searching for a nice kettle and a few pots and pans for my tea shop.  The one lady assistant was on hand so I asked her if they had some copper kettles and pans etc.  She said they had some but almost before she had finished the proprietor of the shop came forward and told me that my sister had come into the shop and told her in no uncertain terms that if I, Sarah her sister, came near the shop and asked for a kettle to tell me not to get one as she had already bought one for me.  The proprietor assured me that it is a lovely kettle so I was already excited even before my sister came around later this afternoon.

So therefore, with no more ado, I must share with you my latest acquistions which now have pride of place in Aunt Sal's teas! However before I do I  have a confession to make....I DID still make one purchase before leaving for home which I was able to justify easily as it was some of my birthday money from one of my sister in laws.

You will be pleased to see (as above)  that Snowy the mouse has gone back to his little home in St. Hils so is quite safe from any pest control.................  I think Miss Enid is pretty relieved too!  Shame Tinker has come back with her best friend, Belle.......seems they can't keep away!

In order for you to see some of the cakes and sandwiches (loose)  which Catherine brought around in better detail   I have sprited them out as above.  The sandwiches have three sets of fillings..........egg mayonaise, (apparently Catherine has LOADS of egg mayonaise left and is planning to do some scrambled eggs on toast with it as it looks just right as "scrambled egg" too!) salmon and cucumber and finally ham, lettuce and tomato! 

I love this fruit cheesecake she included in my birthday goodies (as above) and it would appear that Alice is dying to have a slice too!

See it in close up above........doesn't it look scrumptious?
Before leaving the topic of food.........I must give you some idea of how tiny Catherine's sandwiches really are.  I therefore took a photo with some in my hand  (balancing on our ironing board..........amazing how useful an ironing board......even if you are not using it for ironing!) below...

Before you all die of hunger pangs after seeing all of this "food" in one sitting I will now let you know what I purchased at Dolls Domain with my birthday money.  You may have already noticed it of course and it is............a fully working Grandfather clock.............

Megan has popped in to check it out (as you can see above!)  after she heard that Archie had been left it by his own father who recently passed away.  Archie wanted it in Aunt Sal's Teas so that everyone in the village could also enjoy seeing it........AND it still keeps perfect time.........  Archie finds it a comfort too as it helps remind him of his father.

You can see Alice (as above) admring the kettle!  It is a splended facetted copper kettle and Catherine told me that she means it to be more ornamental than functional.  In fact she is even planning to make me some flowers to put in my kettle as the lid opens!  This kettle will have to be a family kettle....I think that it may have to be the original "Aunt Sal" who owned it and who originally opened and established "Aunt Sal's Teas".  It now has pride of place on the mantlepiece.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos taken today.  I have to admit that taking them has cost me some pain in one loss namely a beautiful silver teaspoon.  I dropped it twice in the process of arranging and rearranging things and the second time happened when I decided to pick the nearest table with contents on and place it on the ironing board in order to make sure the teaspoons were in the saucers (amazing how easily they manage to fall off the saucer - slighest movement and there is mayhem) and the candlestick was upright WITH candle in it etc.  The teaspoon is now nowhere to be seen......booooooo  Andrew has loaned me his torch and it was great because it helped me find the teaspoon on the carpet the first time around.  However the second time I was not so lucky.  I did drop a Gracie cake too but found that alongside another on the carpet that I hadn't even known had fallen so had not missed it.  The teapot lid even went flying at one point but thankfully I found that on the carpet pretty quickly.  So yes - a rather frustrating photo shoot this afternoon.

Incidentally all the photos here were taken by hand (no room for a tripod or daylight bulb in our second bedroom what with the ironing board, washing drying inside as it is too cold to put it outside........) and with the use of flash on my Canon Ixus 980 camera on the easiest setting: ie the automatic with macro and flash.

I hope you have enjoyed a preview of some photos taken today that may form part of a new page with Miss Enid taking the children to Aunt Sal's for high tea as a treat one day.

Oh well - best go back to see if I can find my lost teaspoon with said aid of Andrew's torch.........I don't want to give up........well not just yet because I find it so annoying.......
Till the next time
PS - It is now Monday 8th Feb - just got home from work - hubby picked me up and gave me some good news - he found my lost was on the ironing board ALL along............................Alleluia!

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  1. Oh pleeeeaase get some museum wax to tack down your small things so they don't get lost! With all the animals around one of them is sure to find the lost things and "play" with them. My Georgie Girl eats every miniature she can get her fangs on!

    I love your blog! Have kept up with the advent calendar for a few years but didn't find the blog till recently.


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