Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The children are putting together St. Hils 2010 Calendar in their OWN way!

Dear All

I am back again...........and yes I have been VERY busy.  I have had fun making up some miniature 1/12 scale version of our church calendar..........or should I say that "the children have"!?  I do have to thank Frances of Buttercup Miniatures for letting me borrow her WYSIWYG way of creating one "mini style".  She used this method last year and I thought it a great way of making a version for St. Hils THIS year!

See how they do below............................

I hope you can see that Adele and Tom are both holding up the monthly sheet that THEY think is the next one for Prisiclla Jane to stick on to the calendar.  However......if I tell you that it is being built from the "bottom up" and started with December at the bottom and, so far, we have reached will quickly guess we need to find the September sheet next.  And no prizes for guessing who has got it right.......Adele of course!  Tom is holding the January one with the bells being run for New Year!  Poor Tom - he didn't get it right this time at all!
Eric has decided to stay for a while with Ernest and Esme so they are also helping the children make the calendars up for the vicar.

Oops............I see I have strayed into fantasy land again..............apologies.......

I have to confess that I had a "problem" to solve before I put my photograph pose together.  You see......................if the "children" were to successfully make up these calendars for them to be sold in the church for church funds, then they needed something rather important and that is namely...............glue!  I am a complete dimwit when it comes to DIY and imagination in terms of how to make anything so had to resort to a "help" email to Frances who, as she always does, bless her, comes up with some ideas and solution.

I don't know about you but when it comes to copyright, I always want to "get it right".  Of course we are rightly angry if others borrow our work or make money out of it without our permission, so I was keen not to infringe any copyright  even when it came to having some miniature glue sticks (you know the ones...........the famous name ones.........!)  in my piccies of St. Hils.
So I did something very simple for my "glue stick".  I rolled up a small piece of rectangular paper after glueing it on one!  I know it doesn't look perfect in the photo above as Priscilla Jane holds it in readiness to stick down the next month's sheet on to the calendar as she builds it up from the bottom but who cares?!  I have to tell myself I am no Rembrandt or the miniature crafty equivalent here!

I haven't quite decided HOW to use this photo yet............and in any case I still want to create a further pose or two using my newly printed and cut out 1/12 scale Christmas greetings cards too. 

I can also confess another little piece of news sister has bought Miss Enid a lovely new present............and I think it is great because it will complement her book of Bach which the children have bought for her this Christmas...........................I won't let on watch this space..........

Til the next time
PS Darned apple and custard doughnuts have disappeared from my local M&S foodhall DARE they build us all up to expect such a wonderful gourmet delight and then drop us from a great height.........................yes I KNOW I am a tad sad but do I care???????!


  1. I love the group photo of the children with the calendars, they look so pleased with themselves. Of course all the animals have come to help too.

  2. DollMum - glad you like my new photo! Yep - the children did, indeed, enjoy putting them together!
    I sm hoping to do another shot or two this afternoon as they are also keen to help stack the new Christmas cards in the little display unit. We need to set them out so that the congregation can buy them and increase church funds!
    Thanks again!

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  4. With apologies to "niknik" (her blog user identity) from Russia who submitted a comment I should have accepted - and so it is copied here for you all to read:

    Вы очень талантливы! Спасибо!
    (translated means "You are very talented thanks!")

    It is wonderful to have folks from as far away as Russia visiting my St. Hils blog - thank you Niknik"!


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