Thursday, 5 November 2009

St. Hils in the Media again..........

Hiya Folks!
I really had NOT planned to write another blog so quickly on St. Hils but I just HAD to because we have been commented upon in The Dollshouse Magazine's December 2009 edition that came out today.  Christiane, the editor, did let me know a while back that she wanted to advertise St. Hils again but with a special emphasis on our up and coming new Advent Calendar......good job I worked on it during the Summer time and it was "done and dusted" by the beginning of September!  You all may remember that I was working on Christmas in mad is that?!

Christiane has advertised St. Hils on page 5 of the magazine.  I never told you all this either...............Christiane emailed me wanting me to complete the sentence....."All I want for Christmas is...." I am NOT telling you what I have said.  You will have to check the magazine out to see what I REALLY want from Santa Claus!  I feel most privileged because I am one of just ten miniaturists quoted.  So Christiane, if you get to read this......a big THANK YOU!

I have to confess this has been a bitter sweet day for me.................but strangely it all felt "meant to be".  You see today was our dear friend and St. Hils' supporter, Jan Craven's funeral.  We went to it of course but before we walked to the church we just HAD to go into WH Smiths knowing that the December edition of The Dollshouse Magazine should be out today.  How poignant it was because for the first time I have not been able to share my success with Jan who was so supportive of St. Hils and all it stood for.  I won't repeat anything said on an earlier blog about Jan but sufficient to say that Jan was a most wonderful lady who supported ALL whom were her friends without any consideration to herself.
So how fitting that something about St. Hils hits the media on HER day?!

Dare I share another interesting thing.......until today I didn't realise that, in the last few weeks of my mother's life, when she smiled at me with such an angelic smile which involved the WHOLE of her face and which completely transformed her (you see she had repeated strokes and her normal smiles were naturally lop-sided sadly), it was as if she had briefly became an angel...............and there I a "Thin Place".  A place where the space between heaven and earth has become SO thin that it is almost touching.   So how fitting that Jan found that "Thin Place" in her last weeks.......................but my mother was there too........................................

Until the next time......................


  1. Congratulations, thats great news. I will try and get to town and pick up a copy over the wekkend. Well done and well deserved, St Hils is fab :0)
    Julia xx

  2. Bittersweet day indeed - isn't life full of contrasts such as this. I'm sure your friend Jan knows about your success and is pleased for you. I must get a copy of the magazine.

  3. Thanks Julia and DollMum for your kind comments and support of St. Hils!


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