Monday, 11 January 2010

Work in new drop down menu trial for you all to test

Hiya Everyone
I have been quite busy again today.  As I have been saying I have been working on migrating St. Hils website into Expression Web which is the latest web design package from Microsoft.  I have had a great day today because it was a day off work to await the electricians come to replace our old duff storage units.  So what did I do to while away the on my new drop down menu for St. Hils.
I have ONLY uploaded two pages - ie the home page and a new site map which I created because my stats suggest at least 60 of my last 500 page loads were made using the browser, Internet Explorer v6.  Unfortunately IE6 does not support this kind of drop down menu created using cascading style sheets so the site map link has been provided for those who still use that browser.

This is the home page with the new drop down menu: St. Hilary's trial home page - the new site map is the last in the drop down "Welcome" menu on the left.  The "Welcome" button takes you to the home page wherever you are and I have also added a home like to the banner image too so if you click that it takes you "home" too!
You can see a screen shot of the home page with the "welcome" drop down menu in operation here.

The "css sheet" or to give it's full name "cascading style sheet" was actually  not written by me at all by Stu Nicholls so it is a bit of a "cheat" really.  However I CAN assure you I completed a full drop down menu tutorial so know the full mechanics of their creation which is really quite simple when you work it all out.

Anyway folks - I am happy for any feedback on this one so if you have any other ideas let me know - and if I have apparently missed a page off too I would also love to know!
Til the next time
PS Electricians DID come early this morning and yes they DID fit said pair of storage heaters........but minus we are still awaiting their arrival which is still supposed to be today!  Guess the extremely cold weather has meant a real run on storage heaters and said bricks that go


  1. I can see the advantages of having the drop down menus, etc. However, personally I prefer the old style blog look, simply because it looks like a blog and not a website! lol ;o)

    Michelle :o)

  2. Michelle - thanks for that - I had not thought of that but yes the current website style IS more blog-like. Without the navigation bars I was used to in FP2000 am trying to find ways around it and this was one idea......but I am still working through my Expression Web 3 tutorial book so I may find something I prefer instead which keeps more of the old style navigation.


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