Sunday, 20 September 2009

Can you catch a cold blogging?

Hiya everyone!
Well I can't believe it but I too am not feeling so well the last few days! I was sorry to hear that Julia, on her Bear Cabin Miniatures blog was feeling under the weather last week and now I think I must have caught it too.......joke!
No not really - I will have to blame it on my office or Andrew who may have brought it home from one of the schools where he teaches piano.
 At least I don't think it is swine flu as that has swept through our office too sadly.  I think that this kind of virus can NOT be blamed on the computer.YET! :-)

I have, would you believe, been busy creating new downloadable St. Hils Christmas cards which I hope to place on line the beginning of December which will coincide with the launch of this year's Advent Calendar which I hope you will all enjoy as much as I did creating it.  I did a test drive with the calendar a few weeks ago on a couple of friends and they both think it works very well. 

I will give you a sneak preview of just one of the new Christmas cards to whet your appetite.............

I have been trawling through St. Hilary's Christmas past to resurrect a few favourite photos which I loved at the time and had almost forgotten!  And Homer is a must I feel!  Why NOT a Christmas lunch of fish and chips I say?

So far I have created eight which I feel will give you all a nice selection to choose from!  My monthly calendar for 2010 is coming along nicely......but I am still in a quandry about which photo to use for a couple or months.....the choice is almost too much at times and I so want to provide a good representation of St. Hils throughout the year.

Well - time to clean Pebbles our cockatiel out.  He chomped at the bit to be let out bless him so the least we can do is give him a clean

Til the next time...................hoping to feel better then too........


  1. Sorry to hear you have the dreaded virus now, it seems to be sweeping around the country at the moment. I can't hold my hand up to giving you the virus, but I did pass it to all the other staff on my ward...Oops! I took time off as soon as I felt unwell, but it seems I was handing out the virus before I knew I had it.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards and I love Homer, I enjoyed his pictures on your website last year.
    Hope you are feeling better soon and thankyou for the link to my blog, I have put a link to you on mine too.
    Julia x

  2. Julia - cheers for that!
    Hope you too feel better soon - and yes - it is inevitable that these bugs get passed on before we know we are ill! We have air con in our office so nobody stands a chance anyway!
    Thanks for the link too.
    Now to work out what to do with St.Hils next.......did start a newsletter for Autumn from our Rev Gyles, St. Hils'vicar but got as far as "Dear All" and couldn't think what to write next - so went and had a cuppa instead.....


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