Friday, 11 September 2009

Heritage and "Haccidents"!

Firstly - many thanks for the comments received so far - much appreciated!

I have to confess I had a couple of accidents in St. Hils yesterday whilst photographing for our Christmas page.  And it concerns my poor ducks, Esme and Ernest.  I have to say that this is not the first time such a thing has happened but it is the way with small things that they can SO easily break.  And my fingers feel so big and clumsy too!
I was posing both ducks - and managed to break the beak in each case.....arghhhhhhhhh  All I was doing was trying to have thier beaks appear to carry a cracker present for my Christmas scene but I think it was a paper cut that did it in each case.
You can see Esme here after my repair - using wood glue!  Trouble was in each case - I didn't notice the beak had broken until I moved the duck away from the present - arghhhhh  and then I had to FIND the tiny bit of beak that had come off in order to stick it back on!  But fortunately after I forced myself not to panic I found them!
And here IS my poor Esme - guess that beak MUST hurt!

And then Ernest........................although this is not his best side - the other side looks better!

I have been assured by a friend they don't look so bad and she wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out!  But with every accident there has to be an opportunity and NOT a problem - so I am sure I will weave the break into a story.................and I am sure that real birds do break their beaks and have them repaired?
AS I intimated earlier, this breakage is sadly NOT my bridal doll, Esther, ended up with a broken finger and I NEVER knew WHEN it happened so for a while we had to pose her on the wedding page holding a bouquet in the one hand to hide the lack of a finter..........................

Fortunately Jane Davies, who made her for us, agreed to repair her so Esther has got a lovely new arm and hand and as good as new again!

On a brighter front I hope you like my new Heritage Weekend page.  I have to apologise as it is rather rushed and could have had a few more piccies and stories ......but I have worn myself out with Christmas -  I took so many for Christmas you see......
However I DID enjoy creating the special church guide books for the occasion.  All great fun creating them on the computer.  I printed them out on our Epson 1800 - you can't beat it. 
Ben is showing off one of the inside pages of my own creation guide book here!
 The bill board posters are printed out on our Magicolor Laser printer.  It is great to have two printers as I don't waste valuable ink printing out letters on the ink jet so the laser comes into its own.  I have also created a book on St. Hils too and print that out on the colour laser using silk finish laser paper.

I have almost TOO many ideas at times........................................
Well - time for supper and yippee it is the weekend and no work for two days.............................

Many thanks to Julia for your comments on this, our latest blog, and tips to "repair" my ducks' bills!
Julia's blog is great to read with news of her church and her new project to build an old abbey.  I am inspired just looking at it........loving her church floorboards particularly......

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  1. I'm sure Esme and Ernest will be fine, a little bit of artists makeup (paint) can do wonders to pale areas!! I have made the same mistake, my little ginger cat is now 3 legged and has to stand facing towards the back wall all the time now!!
    Loved the 'Heritage weekend' page, your vicar is fab. I will put a link on my blog to your blog, lets see if we can get you some new followers and more comments. I am sure there are loads out there who will love St Hilary's antics as much as I do!
    Have a great day, Julia x


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