Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A Hair Brained Harvest time photo shoot!

Hiya All!
You won't believe how annoyed I was today after reviewing a few more photos taken in St. Hils!  You know how it set the scene......make sure the dolls are all standing up and are not going to fall over JUST as you attempt to photograph them..............or they choose to fall just BEFORE the timed shutter goes!

I finished and uploaded my harvest pictures and story yesterday............if you haven't already done so DO check out St. Hils Harvest Festival page for this year.  However, for all those who are very observant you may notice that I TALK about "fruit and vegetables" but sadly most of the photos only show some fruit apart from the three pumpkins in front of the vicar and standing on a bay of hay!

And so today I decided to rectify this error and ensure that at least one other photo features my sister's wonderfully created vegetables which I have currently sitting on another bale of hay next to the altar in the sanctuary.

I set the scene...............and then using my Canon Ixus 980 took various different shots with various shutter speeds and changed the settings about to see which comes out best.  I then traipsed upstairs to my main PC in our third bedroom which is our computer room to download and view the results!  Imagine my shock horror when I am greeting with this......................................(have sprited it out for ease of visibility)
The hair is as clear as day.........sitting on the altar and arched up behind the candle you can see on your right!  I checked all the photos taken this evening of this particular pose and yes........EVERY one featured this awful hair!  And so.............I checked the altar and the wall but could see NO hair at I set the camera up AGAIN and took more shots........  I then traipsed upstairs AGAIN to download the next photos hoping to have resolved the problem.
Arghhhhhhhhh..........NOOOOOOOOO........................the hair is STILL there.....HELP! 
I am not one to be deterred by such a small but irritating set back.  Yes - most people would fail to see it at all once the photo was reduced in byte size for the web page - but I know it is there and that is enough!
I dismantled the altar completely and reassembled it all..................and to be sure that the camera wasn't at fault and that a hair had got trapped next to the lens I carefully cleaned that too.  I set it all up AGAIN.................and fortunately this time I was lucky and it looks like the hair has gone ......HOORAY!
And to prove it here is a photo without the said offending hair!

See it better by clicking to enlarge it and check - NO hair - and if anyone does notice something I haven't - do let me know!
I checked my other harvest photos - and yes - the hair features on some of them too that have the sanctuary in - but fortunately it does not show up on the reduced copies on the web page! 
It just goes to show - little things count when it comes to miniatures..................
And I will leave you with my final photo which may hit the harvest page...........haven't yet decided.  Priscilla Jane is fascinated with the string of garlic as you can see here...again click to see it full size.  Thanks as always to my sister Catherine who made me this string of garlic a couple of years ago now...LOVE it!
PS: If you think life is hard enough trying to ensure that the tiny 1/12 scale delicate porcelain dolls stand upright on an uneven surface long enough to be photographed................making sure there are NO stray hair or other oddments out there to cloud the photograph........imagine the hassle of a hand reared cockatiel called Pebbles who loves to parade about on your head whilst YOU are stuck on your hands and knees checking the settings inside your little miniature church!  A NIGHTMARE!  Sadly and much to his distaste (he hisses at it cos he HATES it with quite a vengeance!) I had to put my sun hat on to keep him away.....
But we love him too much not to let him have just a little freedom out of his cage.........and today particularly poor bird had been in his cage all day and it was a long day for him whilst we were both at work.......leaving the house well before 7am and not returning til after 4pm....


  1. Have you tried Tacky Wax for keeping everyone in their poses. You only need a little and it is fully removable and repositionable. A miniaturists version of blue tack!! Your harvest page is yet again wonderful.
    Julia x

  2. Julia thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed my new harvest page too.
    I have a confession - I DO have that tacky wax in my possession but I am very aware of it showing up on the photos so tend to use it as lightly as possible. On the doll, Adele, she has some wax on the bottom of one foot but it is amazing how clumsy I can be posing her and still she falls over as I have not applied the pressure on the right foot cos of the angle she is standing at etc.


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