Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nothing lovier than a potter around a dollshouse shop..and picking up bits.

I had a lovely time yesterday checking out a dollshouse shop I often visit on our constituitonal Saturday trip out.  Sometimes we go near........sometimes we go far.  But yesterday we decided to "go near" so we had a quick trip back home when we have had enough for a nice morning cup of tea and Marks and Spencers apple slice or "French apple tart" as M&S call them.....not sure about that one cos they really don't look "tart like" at all but......

I hit on three possible items whilst browsing...............a little tray...............stool and ladder.  However I quickly put the ladder down as it was SO tall my imagination failed to see how it could be of use in St. Hils unless we had someone who enjoyed climbing roofs LOL

I took the two purchases to the counter and whilst waiting for the lady serving me (who is the joint owner actually with her husband - and a great shop they have too combining other things like puzzles and teddies to make a living today) to ring the items up I casually commented about the ladder but moaned it was "too tall".  The lady immediately told me that they are deliberately made that tall to fit all requirements and that "most people" cut them to size!

 I had to admit to her that, unlike "most people," such practical solutions routinely evade me!  I sadly had to ask her WHAT would I cut it with too? (a little saw!).  Now don't laugh - that is how bad I am when it comes to such practical things as DIY/decorating etc  (mega and mini) and dress making!    Although yes - I DID manage to make my bishop Cuthbert's trousers out of some black material bought in a town market when a cousin of mine made him the shirt only but then it was a "needs must" for my bishop to appear half decent!
You can see my efforts on my Cuthbert and Bardsley  page!  I am a dab hand at crochet however and I really enjoyed adapting a full size baby carrying cape to a miniature as on our Baptisms in which I used a 0.60 hook and Guterman silk.  I am not too bad at embroidery either on a good day - have designed my own cross stitch duck cards!  I do confess that the Sunday School banner was designed and stitched by me  and stuck to a cocktail stick!  Anything else, however,  has to be done on a computer or I just "can't do"!

You can see the tray, however, for the first time here (got Pebbles my cockatiel trying to talk to my mouse and objects to me picking him up silly boy!). 

I am sure that some clever folks will want to stain this tray - but I love to "keep it simple" as possible!  And anyway it is better lighter than darker here as it shows up better in the church.

My idea originally was to get Ambrose to hold it - but although his arm is jointed at the elbow and wrist, he just about copes holding it for a short time but sadly you put a cup and saucer on it - and bingo - it drops!  I will see how he goes with paper plates and tiny slices of cake!  You see - I often see the ladies of our church taking trays of teas and coffees to people in church - so why not in St. Hils too?  Those less mobile folk in St. Hils will SO appreciate our new tray!  I have yet to find a use for this photo with Miss Enid and Ambrose and tray.....but be sure I WILL!

I am sure that the stool (and all of 80p touch!) will come in use very soon too!

I have perfected my new "church guide book" as you can see on my Home Page!  My Epson 1800 comes up trumps.......even printing on ordinary 90gm common garden printer paper!

See a close up here with the pets checking the new little guide out (click on it to enlarge - you will see it even better!) ..............and it has REAL writing and photos...........which can be read too!  You see?  If it can be done on a can be done by me!  Sepp our rat sadly has a loose ear which I am having to keep settling back on her head with wood can just about work out which ear it is here too (the white glue gives it away!) about accidents and church pets wearing out from so much use..........

Note Esme and Ernest.................their repaired beaks just can't be seen - yipee!
Til the next time...........

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  1. Making the new guide on the computer is a great idea - the wonders of modern technology. As for the long ladder - I think they should have offered it in different lengths so that those people who don't like using saws would be able to buy them without worrying about the length.
    Ambrose looks like he has just put the tray down, so I think you can get away with him not carrying it.


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