Saturday, 5 September 2009

Nothing like a habberdashery stall in a market...........

I had a great time today hunting for suitable ribbons and things for St. Hils!  As you all may have gathered I am well ahead in my story planning for St. Hils and even Christmas is in my sights already!
In that quest I was thrilled to find some velvet ribbon in Nuneaton town market.  I had already cut out a makeshift scarf for my doll, Adele, and wanted to add a little muff for her as she stands outside the back of the church!
A little bit of sewing and the job was done - see here!
I think she looks great!  I am giving little more away but sufficient to say she will be appearing outside the church on our page all about Christmas this year in St. Hils!
I am on the look out now for a pair of warm gloves for Miss Enid because the church gets SO cold in the Winter and she is quite worried she will not cope when not playing the organ if she has no gloves to put on when the heating is not working so well.......................................
Oh on Monday which will not be half as exciting as working on St. Hils.
And by the way.......I am still working on the new monthly St. Hils' calendar for 2010..........always something to do for St. Hils!
STOP PRESS - added Sunday 6th September
See Pebbles IN church on our Conundrums page - he couldn't resist when he saw Miss Enid having a nice cup of tea after a long day playing Pheobe's spinet during the Flower and Music Festival!
Enough nonsense from me for now me thinks........
Am signing off now til the next time..........

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  1. I adore your church and often pop over to your website to take a little look, so I was really pleased to see that you now have a blog page. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing more pics of the church and its inhabitants!
    Julia :0)


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